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Strategy is at best ½ Art and ½ Science. We know the SCIENCE, we helped write it. The KEY is to examine (using the best researched, most utilized process) a PRODUCT or SERVICE offered by an organization in order to DESIGN and implement a compelling set of competitive advantages. This can also be done at the overall organizational level for some clients. The process is founded upon the separation of what everyone thinks might be unique from what really provides a competitive advantage.

Our process has been used by organizations throughout the world over the past 20+ years. What we find is that from the biggest to the smallest organizations, most have 2, 3, maybe 4 things that truly constitute their competitive advantage and therefore should define their strategy. For those organizations that simply don’t have sufficient competitive advantages, we utilize a modified version (modified for ease of use) of the most well-researched, predominant strategy processes to craft those new ideas that will provide the organization with true competitive advantages.

Aligning everyone in the organization creates a situation where thousands of small actions allow an organization to cross a tipping point and provide it with extraordinary returns.

  • Developer of the Practical Strategy Approach
  • Work directly with Dr. Bamford
  • Proven approach grounded in Research & Practice
  • We are process experts (and there is a process) – clients are the content experts
  • 130+ clients in the past 8 years. Manufacturing | Services | Non-Profit | Associations | Government-related – Good Strategy WORKS

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