The Strategy Mindset

From the author of the leading textbooks in the fields of Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Businesses are terrible at strategy!

Executives don’t understand it. They think it is some type of witchcraft or mental endowment with which one proves one’s manhood or womanhood, or they simply throw up their hands and surrender to SWOT! Please, if you get nothing from this book, or if you read this opening and decide not to read any further, do one thing for your company—never use SWOT as a strategy approach again. That alone should help the bottom line.

There are many strategy books on the market. Most are textbooks that are really designed as a support to classroom lectures and an aid for the uninitiated to the world of business at the executive level. For the practically oriented business executive, they are thick, mind-numbing reads (because they are not meant to be read like a book) that are five-hundred-plus pages of text with thousands of citations and a $200-plus price point. I know; I’ve written a few.

There are also so-called strategy books written by famous CEOs who try to share the wisdom they think they found while running a particular company. Some of these provide an interesting insight into history, but only a rare few (and they are remarkable) provide any clue as to the application of strategy at another company in another time and place.

Then there are the vast array of books written by people with little or no real understanding of strategy who have decided to anoint themselves with the title “strategy consultant” and apply their wizardry (often with ridiculous titles meant to ensure years of sales) to the masses. They spell out some vague multistep (putting it in terms of numbers seems to be in vogue—Ten Things or Eight Paths) approach that they are sure will work and try to develop a cult following of their preaching. I’ve read many of these in a vain attempt to keep ahead of executives asking me if I’ve read this or that great book. They are simply a waste of time.

Business strategy is at best 50 percent science and 50 percent art. It is probably more like 35 percent science and 65 percent art, but there is a science. There is a process that works. If done with some rigor, applying the science of strategy will separate your company from all your competitors and allow you to earn extraordinary returns.

A Book for Executives

  • Short | Practical | Grounded in Research

Explodes the Myths of Strategy

  • People are NOT your Competitive Advantage
  • SWOT is Useless
  • Product Life Cycle exists only in hindsight
  • Competitors DO Matter
  • Quality is Just Table Stakes
  • Customer Service is a Strategy Black Hole
  • Low Cost works for only ONE Company
  • BRAND is NOT a Strategy

What Strategy Really is

  • Separation from your Competitors
  • A Model that WORKS!
  • Practical & Understandable

From the Back Cover:

  • "Bamford’s approach can be quickly understood and absorbed, making it possible for a dedicated senior management team to implement the plan and produce rapid results."

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