Chuck has worked with individual executives, teams of managers and groups of several hundred working on projects. Addressing the specific issues of Strategy and Innovation in the business setting, Dr. Bamford utilizes his extensive business experience, a strong reputation as an author and expert in the field, and his measurable, results oriented methodology to deliver results for organizations.

Services include:

  • Innovation (Transformation) Strategy Implementation – Hands-on approach for crafting the innovation strategy, mentoring of teams, implementation models and expertise for an organization to design and implement significant strategy change in their organization.
  • Strategic Management Implementation – Hands-on effort to develop and implement an overarching strategy for an organization. Structuring models to ensure the strategy is aligned within the organization and a full-process approach for aligning the entire organization around the new strategy.
  • One-Day Strategy Workshops provide an opportunity to take a group through a completely different way of thinking about strategy. Designed to enhance your group’s ability to design and implement strategy at your company. In one day we help the group define: 1 - The Comparison Competitive Set; 2 - What parts of the organization are simply "orthodox" and what parts have the potential to be truly "unorthodox"; 3 - A means to truly evaluate what elements of the business provide a competitive advantage; and 4 - The fundamentals about how to implement this new strategy such that everyone in the organization is invested in its success.
  • Two-Day Strategy Workshops designed to bring a company all the way through the process of developing a strategy and creating an implementable strategy map. The one-page strategy map is for use throughout the company and it represents the ENTIRE strategic plan for the organization or a particular part of the organization. This mapping technique has been honed over the past eleven years and has been successfully implemented at dozens of organizations.
  • Company Retreat Talks on Strategy & Innovation that range from one hour to four hours. These talks are Inspiring, Entertaining, and Motivational. Each is aimed at measurable results.
  • Speeches – One to three hour presentations at Conferences & Conventions may be customized to the client. Past topics have included:
    • Customer & Competitor Analysis - A Strategic Approach to Keeping Ahead of your Competitors
    • How to Pitch a New Business Idea within YOUR Company
    • What is REAL Business Strategy
    • How To Keep (or Start) an ENTREPRENEURIAL Mindset
    • How To Find Competitive Advantages in YOUR Business
    • How To Design a Stellar Mission Statement That Matters
    • Leading Transformation in Your Organization
    • A Framework for Small Business Success

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